A beautiful essay and very funny in places. I am sorry for the monstrously hard things. I imagine this was a hard essay to write, but I hope it was therapeutic. Of course writing can be therapeutic, as you noted in the last PP salon.

You got me thinking about distraction. That is interesting that you were able to be happily distracted by the play. If I'm watching a sporting event after my mind has been going a million miles an hour, I apparently decide that I will use the break not to concentrate at all and to just to go on thinking. I would score very poorly on a quiz of events. I notice that some negative emotions do not consume me and others do. When experiencing grief, I can concentrate on reading, but in the wake of interpersonal conflict, I cannot. If nothing else, you couldn't give a better endorsement for that show than that you were able to enjoy it under adverse circunstances, and that it made a real difference in your life.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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