Things that distracted me this week

if today was a novel it would be experimental fiction

Spring Forward: I’m so outside of regular time and routine these days that Daylight Savings isn’t even a bother. I set all the clocks forward early in evening and discovered one that I had never bothered to change—never noticed it in all these months. Seems to me that to survive any kind of extraordinary crisis you have to surf the chaos and stay above the changes, move with them. You have to center yourself on what is working, and turn everything else into a future-project, or a problem to be solved. Trust in your human ability to evolve.

Books - People keep asking me what I’m reading. Here are the books currently on my desk, making me feel guilty, either because I haven’t yet gotten to them, or because I loved them and didn’t do enough to tell the world. I did finish The 100-Year old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared (which I loved) and Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan (which I also loved). Currently in the middle of Enter The Aardvark. Next up: We have Always Lived in the Castle, because I’ve never actually read it. (I know! I’ll have to rewatch that crazy movie about her life that’s out right now!) and Kate Reed Petty’s True Story.

News about me:

If you missed the Pen Parentis Literary Salon on Tuesday March 9th, you can see the replay here if you are on Facebook. It will be on YouTube soon. The theme is Identity.

I don’t know what happened to the largehearted boy blog. I hope that Dave is okay. His last post remains the one for March 11 - my list was supposed to go live on March 12 — here’s the link to find out more about my book. It’s part-memoir, but it holds a great what-to-expect section about how more than 300 authors managed their writing/parenting. You’ll recognize many of the names.

Thanks for reading & have a great week.