Opposites confuse

and then attraction is unnerving

Welcome, animated clumps of self-aware stardust!

Interplanetary news: Getting crowded on Mars, huh?

Fashion atrocity: My husband uttered the thought for the week: “Why is it that “dressing up” always seems to mean dressing less?”

Here’s another random ridiculous thought to get your mind off those…mannequins?:

Leftovers: Back when milk bottles were delivered weekly to your front door, did parents nag their kids to drink the end of the bottle so as not to waste it? or did you hang onto the bottle an extra week to use less-than-half-a-cup-of-milk, leaving the bottle to clutter up your (wherever people kept milk bottles back then) until the week following…and a second, follow up thought: what will happen to all the subscription vitamins and meds that people fall behind taking?

Not to mention the subscription paper towels, pet food, and razors. The internet pushes subscriptions for everything: clothes, office products, and of course, the subscription groceries. Never run out again! Where do people keep all this stuff?

(During the pandemic, “running out” to grab a single item at a grocery store may have saved many Manhattan lives that would otherwise have been lost to cabin fever.)

Fishy News: Ok - here’s another thing: USA Today reported on a rare deep sea fish. It’s freaky and flat and toothy and the female eats the male leaving only the gonads; whole fish is only 24 inches at its maximum growth. Here’s what I found ridiculous. The headline calls it “terrifying” and in the article they say it is “a fish made of nightmares” and all I can think of is, people, keep your purple prose to horror magazines. Let science be fascinating, novel, intriguing, stimulating. There’s no reason to fearmonger 24/7.

(Kinda cool that you monger cheese, fish….and fear.)

Real news: My teen son comes home from college today. There may be many more strange/interesting comments by next week. Or there may be fewer. Isn’t that always the way? I’d kill the fatted calf for his return, but it turns out he’s now a vegetarian.

Things I did this week:

I celebrated my 100th Salon! I do not actually know if it was the exact 100th time I was in front of the Pen Parentis audience introducing writers, but doing the math, it was the Season Closer for our 25th Season of Salons. If we did four Salons per season, that’s 100! (granted, I didn’t count the Poetry Salons, there have been ten of those, and there were some pop-ups too. But you have to celebrate sometime, and I chose last Tuesday.) Here’s the playback of the Salon if you want to see how far we’ve come.

Coming up:

This Tuesday 11:30am (NYC Time) I’ll be on WRITERS CORNER LIVE TV SHOW on Facebook Live with Bridgetti Lim Banda (interviewing me from Cape Town, South Africa!) Here is the link to watch! (it also streams to a lot of other places: watch for me on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Live as well as FB live.)

And then on Tuesday night 6pm I have an event with the magnificent Marina Aris who is an Author’s Guild Ambassador. She’s also my publisher (Brooklyn Writers Press). The talkback is open to the public, but for this you need to register: ZOOM EVENT REGISTRATION LINK - the conversation will be about writing and being a parent and trying to not let those two things interfere with each other - but to allow space for them to interact with each other in a positive way.

Wednesday is a fun day: Steve McCready is taping me for his Sensitive Rebel podcast. Let’s see if I make the cut or if we just devolve into laughter for the whole forty minutes. Air date TBA.

That’s it, I’m going to eat a piece of cherry pie now. Have a good Sunday.