Count your blessings.

Order a recount with noble intentions.

Greeting, numerology avoiders, except the .215% of you who believe in it.

This ridiculous newsletter seems to be, if not a wildly successful thing, at least a thing that none of you have sued me over. It will likely keep going out on Sundays, since the yay voices (thanks, Lisa!) have outweighed the nay voices (none). Feel free to respond if you wish. I like hearing from you.

Some things I spent a ridiculous amount of productive time thinking about this week:

How on earth is it, that in the busy streets of New York City, and really, in fact in the whole world, you so rarely ever see two people wearing the exact same thing, unless it is planned?

I had the chance this week to spend some time outside.

1) the weather was absolutely lovely 2) my extraordinarily talented friend Luba took portraits for a new author photo. (She teaches a beginner photography class that will improve you, even if you think you’re pretty decent.) I haven’t chosen the final image yet, but I want to recommend her to all creatives who need a headshot right now, before I get all excited about how she made me look—because during the shoot it was all about how she made me FEEL, and I will tell you, there’s nothing like having a tricked-out car pull up on the street and two young guys lean out and say to your photographer, “is she a model?” and having your photographer tell them “of course she is” like they are colossal idiots. Trust me, the smile in my photos is real. And yes, of course, you’ll be the first to see the new shots.

Stuff I have done this week:


Last Tuesday marked the most recent Pen Parentis Literary Salon, in which I tried to stay upbeat despite the topic being Love and Loss. Did I succeed? Here’s the playback (featured authors are Marian Fontana, Melanie S. Hatter and the unparalleled Marion Winik.)

I got another knockout review. This one from a blogger with grown-and-flown kids: she said she is putting Book & Baby on the top of her list of favorite books about writing—!! I encourage you to read the whole review on her blog, Writers on the Move.


Consider putting this into your calendar, particularly if you are into watching live interviews with me. Because it’s coming up on Wednesday! Me? I will be there.

“Between the Covers” sent this graphic and instructed me to get viewers.

Also on April 28th at 7pm, I will be the subject who is rebranded on a Columbia University Alumni Zoom Webinar about branding humans. Believe me, there will be a whole newsletter devoted to this topic next week. I have already started.

Branding: there is a reason why I dislike this term.

Technology now allows us to be in two places at once, though it is still incredibly difficult for anyone to actually watch in both places simultaneously (Schrodinger’s cat: still safe for the time being.) But please feel free on April 28th at 7pm to watch the branding webinar if you’re a Columbia alum (which could be exquisitely painful) or the “live” interview (which is likely to be very entertaining) at

Here’s the link to find out more about my book, about parenting and productivity if you still haven’t looked at it. Up for *another* amazing review? DailyMom just listed BOOK & BABY as one of the "Best Books to Read Right Now"!! 

Thanks for reading this newsletter & have a great week. Next time you leave your home, count how many times you come across a discussion about vaccination. Marvel at how human conversation shifts. Before March 2020, had you ever discussed your vaccination history within your friend circle? how about with a stranger? or a cashier?

Or in a business meeting?