A prize for being born:

Everyone who ever had a mother and is on this list gets to read this newsletter!

My dearest child of some other mother, whether you knew her and liked her or not:

Mothers’ Day.

Fraught day for people who care about apostrophe placement and also people easily irritated by others wishing them happiness on a day that they are traditionally either sad or angry.

Also shoutout to the moms who would like to be slightly more appreciated the rest of the year and slightly less pressured to be “happy” today (most of whom seem to have had essays published in national media this week.)

But you know what?

Maybe all this kerfuffle over a calendar day is a sign that all of us need to take a step back and chill a little. Do you honestly have the mental energy to be angry because you feel guilty that you are irritated at being forced to celebrate something that everyone agrees is…invented and maybe a little obvious? I’m giving in.

I have no extra mental energy even to follow my own train of thought. Happy to eat the muffins. Or the pancakes. Or whatever I did not cook this morning.

I’m going to just put this out there: be as happy as you can today. And every day. And if you feel like it, have some thoughts about the person who gave birth to you. Today is also an appropriate day to contact the most maternal and loving person in your life, whether or not that was the same person who gave birth to you, and tell them you are happy they were nice to you that one time.

So, you know, do that, or do something else. Me, I’m having lunch with my mother in law.

Parent-child relationships are complicated. Hallmark holidays are simple. Find your happy place on that spectrum.

Here are two amazingly good things to distract you. This is a collection of harsh but gorgeous letters rejecting invitations to fancy events. It is hilarious and not at all about moms or Mother’s Day.

The following link is quite the opposite, but it succinctly summarizes why some women just aren’t into the holiday (spoiler: we are more than just moms and it feels awkward to be reduced to that one thing all day while we are out having expensive brunches) - I do recommend reading this lovely opinion piece if you have time.

Whatever you feel about Mother’s Day, you can join me in amusement as the automated “start marketing one month before X holiday” commands force some ridiculous overlapping email subject lines as mother’s day and father’s day marketing campaigns clash and compete for attention this weekend in your inbox, frequently from the same company.

This coming week:

Pen Parentis has its 25th Season Closer and you are all invited as my personal guests. Really. Just RSVP. It’s this Tuesday at 7pm ET online. You can sip your favorite beverage or cook dinner or leave it on as background while you work out - if you have questions or comments use the chat to talk to the authors. We will be live! This is, personally, my 100th Salon (give or take 10, because you know how great I am at numbers). But seriously. Jump online and chat me a hello. Here’s the RSVP link.

This past week:

I was supposed to present live to Author’s Guild with my lovely publisher (and friend) Marina Aris this past Tuesday, but as you know, life is ridiculous, and it was rescheduled to May 19th.

Steve McCready sent me a cool headset to use on his podcast, Sensitive Rebel. I hope that my words are worthy of the tech. That’s scheduled for later this month, air date TBA. Don’t worry I’ll let you know.

Also, Governor’s Island officially reopened yesterday. And people: it’s so worth the annoyance of signing up in advance. What a gorgeous place. NYC’s backyard. I love it.

Have a great day, kids!

back to your brunches,